We’ve all heard of the term ‘bridezilla’ right? It’s not a nice word but in many ways, it does accurately describe how some brides act during the buildup to their wedding.

We know how much thought, detail and attention goes into every decision so when certain things do not go as intended, it can be bitterly disappointing. We know it’s difficult, but we feel you have to try your best to be as relaxed as possible. It may be your special day that’s only going to happen once, but it’s also a day for a specific reason, committing to the person you love. This is exactly why you have to think of the bigger picture and be the positive energy on the day. So what if the cake isn’t quite what you wanted, does it change the way you feel about your wife or husband? No. That’s the important aspect of the day and that’s what you should be thinking about when you’re planning your wedding.