It’s probably the hardest decision a bride has to make, but when you’re thinking about the bridesmaids’ dresses and how you want them to look, it’s easy to get wrapped up in your own individual thought process. Even though it’s your special day, you should take the bridesmaids unique tastes into account.

It’s almost impossible to please five individuals with one dress, so you’re not always going to have all five or all seven bridesmaids who absolutely love the dress you’ve chosen, but you don’t want to pick a dress that one of your bridesmaids hates, so working together with them is going to be important. Perhaps talk to them about colour ideas first, and if you can get them to all agree on a colour that they’re all happy with, then you will have put yourself in a positive situation early on. As long as you listen carefully to their thoughts, you’ll be absolutely fine, but ideally get their dresses sorted early so you’re not having a panic a few weeks from the wedding.