When you compare the cost of a wedding cake to the cost of a birthday cake, the results are quite amazing. So why are wedding cakes so expensive, and why are couples happy to pay over the odds?

Well, the right wedding cake is like the ring, the venue and the wedding dress, there needs to have been some real time and effort involved to create it. For birthdays, people are quick to buy an off-the-shelf cake but for a wedding, every ingredient can be customised and it usually is. Then, of course, there’s the time spent decorating the cake so that it matches your flowers, the décor of the venue and the main colours of your wedding. The wedding cake will always be an important part of the day because the cutting of the cake is a famous ritual that’s not likely to die out anytime soon. We feel couples should always put it the time to choose a cake that’s just right for them and their wedding, as it’s a real reflection of their big day.