Planning a socially-distanced event to can be quite tricky but, if you are planning to host an event, it is still best do whatever you can to help protect your friends and family. It has been tough not getting to spend the amount of time we are accustomed to with those we love and people still want to be able to celebrate special events. We have a few tips to help plan a safe event so you can still enjoy the company of those closest to you.

• Outside is still considered safer than indoor meeting

• Figure out how many people you can safely seat at the location

• Consider calling those you wish to invite instead of text so that you can better explain the set-up and number of guests

• Keep hands clean by providing hand sanitiser upon entering and ensure it is accessible during the event

• Consider face masks in areas where people may be closer than two metres

• Try to only have one person serving guests and have finger food to help reduce cutlery and make it easier for guest to eat standing up to help keep them spread out

• Consider bio-degradable disposable plates and or cutlery that can be discarded or have a tray or tub for guest to leave dishes to make clean up easier

• Decorate the space and enjoy a safe socially-distanced get-together