Packing all your essential items and clothes for a long weekend can be a tricky task, most people want to travel light as your only going away for a few days but it can be a huge struggle to pack everything you need without forgetting anything and making sure you don’t go overboard.

Firstly, you should always call ahead and check what items are provided at the hotel you are staying at. Most provide the basics such as towels, irons, robes, and hairdryers so we always advise you call ahead first. This could free up some much-needed space in your suitcase.

Secondly, check the weather forecast. there is absolutely no need to pack your favourite knitted jumper if you will have glorious sunshine for the duration of your trip. With some weather being unpredictable especially in the UK we understand you may want to pack extra clothes just in case so you could always pack a lightweight jacket just in case.

And lastly, organise your items. Vacuum pack your clothes for extra space and only take essential toiletries if you need them but most hotels should provide the basics.