One incredibly important aspect of a wedding, actually happens after the wedding, the honeymoon. Many couples, mainly those who may already have an established home together, even go so far as to request money for the honeymoon as opposed to receiving gifts.

Travel has been quite tricky since the start of a global pandemic and will likely still be quite different than we are used to, for a while longer. If you are planning to travel abroad for your honeymoon, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Current Travel Tips

• First do some research into any health and safety restrictions within the country you wish to visit so there are not unnecessary surprises.
• Pack several, easily accessible masks as they are required in airports and planes.
• Have hand sanitiser to hand, no bigger than 100ml in carry on (anti-bac wipes can also go through security). Larger bottles can be packed in your checked luggage, inside of shoes, to avoid them being squashed.
• Empty water bottles can go through security and be filled pre-flight at contactless water fountains in many UK airports.
• Checking in online is mandatory for many airlines, so do not forget to do this before getting to the airport.
• Not all airports will have these available but for those that do, using self-service kiosks for printing bag tags can help avoid queues.
• Sanitise hands before and especially after security.
• Another thing you can do, is use the terminal toilets just before boarding to try and avoid plane toilets.
• Listen to airport announcements as boarding could be much different.
• Anti-bac arm-rests, tray tables, tvs and seat belts on board.
• There may be reduced food and drink on offer, so be prepared.
• Air filtration of planes has been upgraded to remove 99.9% of dust, fungi, moisture, bacteria and viruses. So please feel free to breath normally.